Chain Gang Discs got its official start in the summer of 2021, but the idea came around well before then, when I was awful at the sport and spent all my time looking for my discs in the water and finding everything but my own. 

When I first began running Estero DGC's lost & found, I enjoyed reuniting people with their lost discs. Even better than that was setting people up with unclaimed discs and introducing other players to plastic they weren't familiar with. Once I realized how much time I was spending helping reunite others with their lost plastic, I decided it was my true calling and I should make a career out of it. 

Today, the passion for getting people the perfect disc for their needs still drives me to help support the community and the sport at large. Southwest Florida's disc golf community is growing exponentially and deserves a passionate and local vendor to provide the athletes with all of their plastic needs and to help represent what this wonderful sport is all about!

Here at Chain Gang, we strive to remain focused on the individual player and ensuring they know exactly what they're buying. That's why we offer free local pickup & delivery and provide images of every individual disc in stock, so what you see is in fact what you get. As a passionate disc golf enthusiast myself, I know the importance of getting the exact disc at the exact weight and color desired, and I guarantee your satisfaction with every purchase. Welcome to the Chain Gang.


Tyler Bishop


Chain Gang Discs